Wind Mitigation Discounts

Your insurance agent might suggest a Wind Mitigation Inspection to assess discounts allowed by insurance companies. This was a program started by the State of Florida in 2007 to offer discounts to home owners who took steps to mitigate wind damage. Discounts are given for roofs in compliance with new code, roof shape, roof-to-wall connection, secondary water barrier protection, straps or clips found inside the attic, and window and door protection. Discounts from wind mitigation are given for five years. If you need a new roof, make sure that your contractor pulls a permit as insurance companies require a roof permit for verification of a new roof.

Florida Law

• Wind Mitigation Inspections are in accordance with the 2007, Florida Legislature approved amendment, §627.0629, which states: “A rate filing for residential property insurance must include actuarially reasonable discounts, credits, or other rate differentials, or appropriate reductions in deductibles, for properties on which fixtures or construction techniques demonstrated to reduce the amount of loss in a windstorm have been installed or implemented.” 

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